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Access Economics is Australia’s premier economic consulting firm.

Founded in 1988, Access Economics' highly qualified and experienced consultants are known for analytical excellence.  Directors, consultants and staff have an extensive range of business, policy and academic experience across a range of areas including:

  • macroeconomic and demographic trends and their implications for specific operating environments;
  • regulatory, taxation and microeconomic analysis for public policy development;
  • health evaluation, health economic, OHS, pharmacroeconomics and Markov models;
  • general equilibrium modelling, including international and domestic sectoral impacts of issues such as potential new trade arrangements, Avian flu, or climate change;
  • financial sector modelling and strategic planning;
  • demand and supply analysis, workforce analysis and microsimulation models;
  • costing, contribution analysis, cost benefit and cost effectiveness analysis; and
  • sensitivity and scenario analysis.
Access Economics brings three resources to its clients:
  • expert knowledge and specialist experience of economic, health and financial issues;
  • premier analytical skills and in-house modelling capabilities; and
  • a reputation of authority, integrity and independence.
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